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Management Solutions

Management Solutions

1 - Revenue Management

We will review all the functions related to marketing, sales and pricing, to determine prices and customer segments that will maximize your revenues. Our solutions are efficient since we integrate the natural synergies between Revenue Management and Supply Chain Management. Our recommendations will tackle price perception, market share, customer retention, impact of your marketing campaign, so as to always meet your customers’ highest expectations.

2 - Performance Improvement

Our solutions can be implemented either across the whole organization, or within specific areas. By identifying your costs, business processes, market position and customer behaviors we pin down your current performance level compared to your expected full potential. We will transform the cost structure by eliminating redundant processes, and establish performance measures that will give you a definite competitive edge.

3 - Supply Chain Management And Logistics

We provide a comprehensive assessment of the supply chain of your business. Our approach will shorten the sales and operations cycle, lower labor and logistics costs. We will transform your SCM process into an agile tool helping you achieve cost reductions, respond faster to customer demand, and improve integration and collaboration across your entire supply chain.

4 - Supplier Relationship Management

Our SRM solutions will lead to a more collaborative relationship with your supplier and optimize your transactions. We make the difference by going deep into the various components of SRM such as: level of quality, delivery, costs, transaction efficiency, logistics, risk management and assurance of supply.

5 - Customer Relationship Management

We help you grow together and create common values with your customers. Our CRM techniques will benefit you by improving your company’s image, thus retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones. We will also assist you in reinforcing your sales team productivity, and lead you to a more effective customer support and services.

We are a consulting firm with an innovative approach. We bring new ideas and new values, challenging average standards.
To offer competitive advantage through unique solutions, and provide clear strategies for sustainable business growth.
Become a reference in our field and a benchmark for quality and excellence.
Confidentiality is inherent to our culture. Protecting our clients’ facts and business interests is fundamental in our professional relationship.

The Managers

We are a consulting firm with an innovative approach. We bring new ideas and new values, challenging average standards.

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